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My name is Karen. This is my story from the first time I left home and moved into an apartment for the first time. I was a girl of 18 years and I thought everyone knew. I was very shy and it was a girl with no sexual experience. I moved into this apartment, in a large Victorian house divided into two studios and one floor below, where the owner and the owner called John lived. John was about 59th in the other apartment was living with another woman. John was 3pornstarmovies a good guy, often it would help if he had any problem, but something caught my attention to John. Every time I made ​​the bath together, he was always there. I realized I was expecting a pep, but I did not mind too much as it seemed harmless. As the weeks went on I'm in a little trouble with the rent, and fell a month behind. John came to me and talk about the rent owed, and he said that there was another way to pay. At first I did not know what that mean't to say : 'The young people have few gold mines 3pornstarmovies betweeneen his legs, 'I was surprised and he was alone. John left them there, and I sat for hours thinking about what he said. At first I was angry, but after a while I realized that perhaps he sex only once the problem can be solved. I got up the courage to knock on his door. John opened and I found myself asking what he mean't with your comment, I knew from the beginning but it was like I needed to confirm in my head. t Did not John's outspoken. 'Let me fuck and the rent was canceled,' he said. 'OK', I heard myself say. it was like being in a dream. I 3pornstarmovies went home and John closed the door behind me. ' you are taking the pill, said Karen, because I have condoms,' I assured him it was and it was fine. John came and leaned over to kiss me. forced his tongue in my mouth and hands while he was among the legs. not answer, because I only wanted to take my back. John grabbed me by the arm and led me to her bedroom. I was very nervous, but 3pornstarmovies the same time get a little hot. He wasted no time in getting naked and was in very short 3pornstarmovies time. He sat on the bed and saw that I took off my clothes. I was in my bra and panties feel both hot and dirty. As my bra fell to the ground I could feel her staring at my tits. I reached down and slid my panties down and left them. The 59- year-old, almost drooling at my 3pornstarmovies back shaved. I made it clear, 3pornstarmovies I did not suck or anything, and he accepted it. I was in bed one lookng back to the ceiling, as John rose to the top. I parted my legs and I felt his cock slid my post. She let out a loud groan as he pushed all the way up now and not waste time with shit for all it was worth. He started talking dirty as he caught. I was just there, so that this man was not his. I felt a little warm feeling rub his penis on the inside, but the circumstances of the situation made ​​me orgasm. I felt like aFull prostitute. John was really for them. The whole time I was doomed to failure, they said I had a great ass and tight ass. He groaned and gasped when she saw me and the bed creaked fucked. He bent down so that my pants were, and began to sniff, said he liked the smell of my ass and Fanny. I felt like a complete bitch. They said it was too much, and wanted to hear a sound. I began to pant and moan to him that I loved his cock inside me. John cum very soon after. My feelings were a complete bitch when I'll be thinking about the release of his semen in me. He was talking dirty to me for a while after finishing. He asked if I could 3pornstarmovies walk the next time my ass. He had no chance. He stood beside me and I wasted no time in getting out of there. A 3pornstarmovies week after we went and found another place.
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